About Me

A skilled programmer, IT trainer and infrastructure architect with 13 years of experience. This is my technical blog where I normally post stuff that took some hard/smart work, and was not available on internet as such. In short, adding something unique and helpful to the community.

During School:

My journey started at the age of 14 as an independent software developer, developing accounting and inventory packages in Foxpro and VB6. My father (Electronics and Aviation engineer) helping me on hardware front, I did some embedded projects like wireless switchboard, weighting scale, CNC printing press color calibration, etc by programming Atmel Microcontrollers in Assembly language.

As a professional:

Professionally, I am a multi-skilled and certified professional with 13+ years of experience in managing, designing and implementing infrastructure solutions that span multiple areas like virtualization, storage, networking, database administration, orchestration, automation, business continuity, and IT Security. I continued to use my strong programming and scripting skills throughout my IT infrastructure specialist career to enhance, automate and solve many challenges. I have also been part of some software projects throughout my career.

For details, please check my LinkedIn profile.

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Featured posts

Map Shared RDMs using PowerCLI

This post provides PowerCLI scripts and explains the process to automate mapping of hundreds of Shared RDMs (Raw Device Mappings). Useful in DR scenarios.

Get Incidents Containing a Specific Keyword from SCSM

SQL query in this post will get all incidents containing “print” keyword, along with analyst comments from Service Manager operational database. Comments are not available in data warehouse by default.

Using Wireshark to Analyze Subversion (WebDAV) Traffic

Explains How to Dissect and Analyze Subversion (HTTP WebDAV) Traffic using Wireshark. Filtering WebDAV methods, Finding Strings in Packets and lot more.

SQL Blocking – Troubleshooting In Transaction User Interactions

This Post Explains How To Troubleshoot and Fix Applications causing SQL Blocking doing User Interactions inside SQL Transactions.

502 Bad Gateway, in Response to SVN COPY with SSL off-loading

When accessing SVN over HTTPS, HTTPS can be terminated on Apache web server or it can be off-loaded to different software like Reverse Proxy. Problem is that HTTP-COPY request’s URI is changed to HTTP, but the “Destination:” header’s URI starts with HTTPS. When web server finds URI scheme of source and destination different, it throws an error 502 (Bad Gateway).

Installing HAProxy on pfSense

HAProxy and pfSense are both wonderful solutions on their own. This post explains three solutions to integrate them. These solutions range from a typical testing scenarios to a more maintainable, secure, full featured, flexible and viable solution for critical production environments.