Center Align Featured Images in Genesis

On this blog I use featured images of different sizes. Basically I don’t want to spend time doing any thumbnail management. Most of my images are technical screenshots and they look best when not … [Read more...]

502 Bad Gateway, in Response to SVN COPY with SSL off-loading

This post helps in fixing 502 Bad Gateway error caused by reverse proxy, during an SVN COPY operation.If renaming and coping files on Subversion are resulting in this error, then it implies … [Read more...]

Using Wireshark to Analyze Subversion (WebDAV) Traffic

Subversion can be accessed over HTTP by integrating it with Apache Web server. Apache web server facilitates the HTTP interface for Subversion. Along with standard HTTP-Methods like GET, POST, DELETE, … [Read more...]

Automatically Rename Network Drives to a User Friendly Name

If you find lengthy Map Drive labels as shown above awkward, or if you want to customize these labels based on some logic, following script can be handy. Generally, a typical office user is not at … [Read more...]

Installing HAProxy on pfSense

HAProxy and pfSense are both wonderful solutions on their own. pfSense is a firewall distribution sitting at the edge of your network. Incoming request from external clients has to pass through … [Read more...]