Archives for August 2011

Choose the Startup Form for a Windows Application in Visual Studio

The very first function to run is Main() which is in program.cs. Application.Run will launch the Startup Form.

Configuring COLLABNET Subversion with Active Directory

If you need to host Subversion in a Windows Server environment, it is always desirable to integrate subversion with Active Directory. For Windows Administrators it is better to use COLLABNET Subversion Edge as it comes with all-in-one installer including Apache, Subversion and a beautiful web console which simplifies tasks like managing repositories, users and SVN […]

Preparing Locked-Down Active Directory for LDAP Authentication

Configuring LDAP authentication in a firewall, UTM, Subversion Server, etc, generally only requires a valid Active Directory User. This is because by default “Authenticated Users” special group has Read and List Content permissions on almost all Active Directory Containers. However, In a locked-down Active Directory, authenticated user ACEs are removed from the default Active Directory […]