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Center Align Featured Images in Genesis

Update: Now there is an option in Genesis settings to align featured images to left, right or none. For center alignment, set this setting to none and use this CSS. Original Post: On this blog I use featured images of different sizes. Basically I don’t want to spend time doing any thumbnail management. Most of […]

502 Bad Gateway, in Response to SVN COPY with SSL off-loading

When accessing SVN over HTTPS, HTTPS can be terminated on Apache web server or it can be off-loaded to different software like Reverse Proxy. Problem is that HTTP-COPY request’s URI is changed to HTTP, but the “Destination:” header’s URI starts with HTTPS. When web server finds URI scheme of source and destination different, it throws an error 502 (Bad Gateway).

Using Wireshark to Analyze Subversion (WebDAV) Traffic

Explains How to Dissect and Analyze Subversion (HTTP WebDAV) Traffic using Wireshark. Filtering WebDAV methods, Finding Strings in Packets and lot more.