SCOM: Hyper-V MP: Not enough free disk space

Hyper-V MP can generate a “not enough free disk space” alert even if there is no free space issue. The monitor is configured to generate an alert if free disk space is less than 2 GB. However, the script used in this monitor’s datasource does not errors and rather reports free disk space as 0 […]

OpenVPN based Site-to-Site VPN between Azure and pfSense

This post explains how to quickly setup a simple site-to-site VPN to connect on-prem network with an Azure virtual network using OpenVPN community edition running on Windows VM in Azure. One can use firewalls like pfSense on-prem that support OpenVPN client, or setup a Windows server as OpenVPN client.

cmdletbinding or parameter, for PowerShell Advanced Function?

You must have read that cmdletbinding attribute adds common parameters to your function like -debug, -verbose. Which then enables you to use write-verbose, write-debug in your script. Same is true if you use [parameter()] attribute in any of your parameter. Basically, using any of these attributes, or both together, recognizes your function as advanced function. […]

Get Incidents Containing a Specific Keyword from SCSM

SQL query in this post will get all incidents containing “print” keyword, along with analyst comments from Service Manager operational database. Comments are not available in data warehouse by default.

Map Shared RDMs using PowerCLI

This post provides PowerCLI scripts and explains the process to automate mapping of hundreds of Shared RDMs (Raw Device Mappings). Useful in DR scenarios.

SCOM: PowerShell Script to Get All Overrides

Script to Export overrides to CSV. Additional parameters to specify sealed/unsealed MPs, credentials, MP name filter, and uses OperationsManager PS module.