Map Shared RDMs using PowerCLI

This post provides PowerCLI scripts and explains the process to automate mapping of hundreds of Shared RDMs (Raw Device Mappings). Useful in DR scenarios.

502 Bad Gateway, in Response to SVN COPY with SSL off-loading

When accessing SVN over HTTPS, HTTPS can be terminated on Apache web server or it can be off-loaded to different software like Reverse Proxy. Problem is that HTTP-COPY request’s URI is changed to HTTP, but the “Destination:” header’s URI starts with HTTPS. When web server finds URI scheme of source and destination different, it throws an error 502 (Bad Gateway).

Using Wireshark to Analyze Subversion (WebDAV) Traffic

Explains How to Dissect and Analyze Subversion (HTTP WebDAV) Traffic using Wireshark. Filtering WebDAV methods, Finding Strings in Packets and lot more.

Automatically Rename Network Drives to a User Friendly Name

If you find lengthy Map Drive labels as shown above awkward, or if you want to customize these labels based on some logic, following script can be handy. Generally, a typical office user is not at all interested in knowing the path of Map Drive. Rather they are more interested in Drive Letters like my […]

Installing HAProxy on pfSense

HAProxy and pfSense are both wonderful solutions on their own. This post explains three solutions to integrate them. These solutions range from a typical testing scenarios to a more maintainable, secure, full featured, flexible and viable solution for critical production environments.

Setting Up ezJail and Ports Collection on pfSense – Part 2

In Part 1 we installed ezJail in pfSense, created a new jail, and then made that jail to start automatically with pfSense. In this part we will setup Ports Collection on pfSense so that we can install ports inside our jail. This Ports Collection can also be shared with more than one jail on pfSense. ezJail installs […]