Installing HAProxy on pfSense

HAProxy and pfSense are both wonderful solutions on their own. This post explains three solutions to integrate them. These solutions range from a typical testing scenarios to a more maintainable, secure, full featured, flexible and viable solution for critical production environments.

Setting Up ezJail and Ports Collection on pfSense – Part 2

In Part 1 we installed ezJail in pfSense, created a new jail, and then made that jail to start automatically with pfSense. In this part we will setup Ports Collection on pfSense so that we can install ports inside our jail. This Ports Collection can also be shared with more than one jail on pfSense. ezJail installs […]

Setting Up ezJail and Ports Collection on pfSense – Part 1

ezJail is a jail administration framework for FreeBSD jails. It makes jail administration very easy. ezJail on pfSense can enable us to integrate applications like HAProxy with pfSense in a way which is safe and sound for production environment. So let’s get started. Part 1 will cover setting up of ezJail on pfSense. Part 2 will […]